FHSAA seeks to glorify Jesus Christ by serving home schooling athletes and families through competitive sports.

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 Mon 04/29/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Springfield, Hooes Road Park 4:00p 6:00p  >Baseball> 2019 Varsity Baseball Game - Home Heritage Chr School    
Woodbridge, Howison Homestead Soccer 3:45p 5:15p  >Soccer (Girls)> 2019 MS Girls Soccer Game - Away Christ Chapel Academy   JE 
 Tue 04/30/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Fairfax, Redeeming Grace Church 3:00p 5:00p  >Track> 2019 Track Team Practice    HA 
White Plains, So. MD Christian Academy 4:30p 6:30p  >Baseball> 2019 Varsity Baseball Game - Away Southern MD Christian Academy    
Woodbridge, Howison Homestead Soccer 3:30p 5:00p  >Soccer (Girls)> 2019 Varsity Girls Soccer Game - Away Christ Chapel Academy    
 Wed 05/01/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Dulles, Fairfax Christian School 4:30p 6:00p  >Soccer (Girls)> 2019 Varsity Girls Soccer Game - Away County Chr Sch    
 Thu 05/02/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Ashburn, Virginia Academy 3:45p 5:15p  >Soccer (Girls)> 2019 Varsity Girls Soccer Game - Away VA Academy   CL 
Centreville, Arrowhead Park 3:45p 5:00p  >Soccer (Girls)> 2019 MS Girls Soccer Game - Home Trinity Meadowview (TMV)   JE 
Fairfax, Redeeming Grace Church 3:00p 5:00p  >Track> 2019 Track Team Practice    HA 
Herndon, Sully Highlands Park 5:30p 7:30p  >Baseball> 2019 Varsity Baseball Game - Away NOVA Lions   CL 
 Fri 05/03/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Nokesville, Valley View Park 3:45p 5:00p  >Soccer (Girls)> 2019 MS Girls Soccer Game - Away Seton School   JE 
 Sat 05/04/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Manassas, Manassas Baptist Church 5:00p 9:00p  >Track> 2019 Track Team Meet  Centurions Cancelled due to weather forecast  HA 
TBD, TBD TBD   >Baseball> 2019 Varsity Baseball Game - Away NOVA Lions looking for field; need RSVPs  CL