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Welcome to Track & Field Conditioning

Happy New Year, everyone! We are anticipating another fantastic season, and to get you going, here are some things you should be aware of: 

  • Register online to participate 
  • Dress apropriately 
    • For chilly days, layer up (we run outside if temp is above 26 with wind chill) 
    • For warm or inside days, dress modestly (shirts on, no short-shorts) 
  • Bring water 

You can anticipate learning the dynamic warm-up routines and running drills during conditioning, as well as working on improving your strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

Coach Heather 

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Spring Interest Meeting Information
by posted 01/30/2023

If you missed the Spring Interest Meeting, I have copied below what I shared. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Coaching Philosophy:   As a team, we are a community that is committed to spurring one another on to grow in our athletic abilities, as well as in our personal, and spiritual lives. This requires hard work, consistency and endurance. Our coaching staff is fully committed to fostering an environment that encourages growth in ALL areas of our athlete’s lives. Coaches and athletes will extend both support and accountability to each other as we seek to honor God through the development of our athletic abilities as well as our spiritual lives.


Spiritual Focus: Coaches have check ins to see how they are as a whole person, team verse, devotions led by staff or athletes and shout outs.

Volunteers: Adult volunteers are welcome to help administratively, accompany the team on workouts, or give instruction in a specific track or field event (trainer or assistant coach). All volunteers must complete abuse awareness training and a screening process prior to involvement with the athletes. 

We still need a team parent to oversee the team tent during middle school meets.

Practice Times and Locations (see schedule for more information):  Athletes are expected to run on their own in addition to scheduled practice times. Practice is Tue & Thur at RGC from 3-5pm and Sat at WHS from 12-2pm. Weekday practices will shift in mid March to 3:30-5:30pm once we get a permit for Irving Middle School track (Lord willing!)

Conditioning: Pre-season optional conditioning generally begins mid January and into February. Our goals during this time are to build an aerobic base and increase strength & flexibility. We will be learning the dynamic stretches, running drills and core work used during the regular season and gradually increase weekly mileage.

Tryouts: Pre-season conditioning concludes with a two week tryout period to include timed trials. The trials will give us a baseline to track progress throughout the season. Most meets limit the number of athletes in each even to the top 4-5 runners. We are looking for athletes who are committed to working hard and contributing to positive team dynamics.

Meets: There are generally 10-15 meets on weekday afternoons or Saturdays. Number will vary depending on scheduling availability. Locations will vary from the local area to 1-2 hour drive. Must RSVP to attend! Generally, I must submit registrations for meets 1 week in advance.


  • Sprint: 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter and hurdles (100 and 300 meters), 4x100 Relay
  • Middle distance: 400 meter, 800 meter, 4x400 Relay
  • Long distance: 1 Mile, 2 Mile
  • Field events: Long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, discus


Registration fee: $30, must be paid before an athlete can participate in conditioning or tryouts.

Season fee: The season fee is generally about $200-$250 and covers all meet costs and uniform loan (must return at the end of the season). Once a spot on the team is offered, the athlete has 48 hours to accept by paying the season fee.


Uniform: The uniform is on loan to the athlete during the season and must be returned at the conclusion to avoid a large fee. The uniform MUST be worn (both top and bottom) at meets. Black short or long sleeves and black compression shorts or pants may be worn under the uniform. 

Shoes: All athletes should obtain (and wear to practice!) a running shoe. Fashion sneakers are not acceptable. Most running stores have a 10% discount offered to athletes competing on a team. High School students running sprint events will need to purchase a set of track spikes as well as running shoes.

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This Week in Track
by posted 01/23/2023

A couple of announcements for this week:

  • Feel free to bring some hand weights to increase strength training load.
  • Wear layers - sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt that you can shed, as needed.
  • Thursday at RGC @7-8:30pm - Come to the Spring Sports Interest Meeting to find out about the track season.
  • Saturday at WHS @12-2pm - Coach Drew is hosting a Throws Clinic for anyone who wants to learn more about shot put and discus AND for veteran throwers who want more targetted practice. RSVP to attend!

See you tomorrow!

Coach Heather 

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