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FHSAA seeks to glorify Jesus Christ by serving home schooling athletes and families through competitive sports.

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Discus Video - Part 2

For those interested in Discus, CLICK HERE to review Part 2 of your training before practice on Saturday.


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Field Event Training Videos

CLICK HERE for the link to the document with training information and videos for hurdles, long jump, shot put and discus.

(This can also be found in Track Documents above by selecting "Teams & Schedules" then "Documents")

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2021 Track Theme & Verse


Philippians 3:13b-14

Forgetting what lies behind & straining forward to what lies ahead,


toward the goal

for the prize 

of the upward call

of God

in Christ Jesus.

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Registration Closed

The 2021 Track Team is currently to capacity. Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new registrations. 

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Finding Your Target Heart Rate

Heart Rate Zones


Taking your pulse ( Put the tip of your index and middle finger in the groove of your neck along your windpipe to feel the pulse in your carotid artery. Apply just enough pressure so you can feel each beat. Do not push too hard or you will obstruct the blood flow. Watch the second hand on your watch or a clock as you count how many times you feel your pulse.

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Starting Positions & Sprint Workout

We lost our track for tomorrow (1/23/21), and the forecast is 30 degrees and windy at 9am so we are canceling practice. The plan is to cover Starts & Flying 30s on Tuesday, weather permitting.

Homework - Review these videos and try it out at home! You can easily set up cones in your neighborhood to practice flying 30s (and they are so much fun!)

Crouch start (Sprint)-


Standing start (Distance)-


Max Velocity training 30m fly-


3×3 Fly 30’s @ 95-100%    3′/6′   (30m accel. zone with 30m fly zone)      

Important Notes: 

  • Accelerate through the acceleration zone and reach near-to-maximum velocity at the beginning of the fly zone.
  • Maintain near-to-maximum velocity through the fly zone and stay light on your feet as if you were running on hot coals.
  • Decelerate gradually after fly zone to reduce risk of shin splints.
  • Walking recovery is strongly recommended during this workout.


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Running Form

Greetings Track Fans!

For this week we are working on form! Here are 2 videos to check out:

See you tomorrow,

Coach Heather

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Saturdays @WHS

For Saturdays at Westfield High School, remember to dress in warm layers (forecast for 1/16 is mid 30s) also note, it is generally a windy track. There is a port-a-potty on site and the track is completely renovated!

Field Event practice (shot put, discus, long jump) will be held on Saturdays starting February 20. More info to come!

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Welcome to FHS Track & Field 2021!

Head Coach: Heather Alexander,  

Assistant Coach: Andy Swiston,  

Team Manager: Laura Briggs,  

Other volunteers: Volunteers are welcome to help administratively, accompany the team on workouts, or give instruction in a specific track or field event (trainer or assistant coach).

Practice Times and Locations: Athletes are expected to run on their own in addition to the 3 practices per week.

  • Tuesday: 3-5 PM, Redeeming Grace Church, 5200 Ox Rd, Fairfax
  • Thursday: 3-5 PM, RGC
  • Saturday: 9-11 AM, Westfield High School track, 4700 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly


Conditioning: Jan 12-Feb 20. The conditioning period is extended due to the long layoff for most athletes. Also, given all conditioning will be outdoors, it will only be held weather permitting, and will be called off if the temperature is less than 32 or windchill less than 25; or in case of moderate precipitation or frozen surfaces. 

Tryouts: Feb 23-Mar 6. Tryouts are less about running a certain speed and more for you to try out track as well as us to gauge your commitment. However, as the season progresses, time trials will determine top runners for certain meets.

Season: Mar 9-May 14. End date may depend on final meet schedule.

Meets: Held weekday afternoons or Saturdays. Number will vary depending on scheduling availability. Locations will vary from local to 1-2 hour drive. 


  • Sprint: 100/200/400, 100/300 hurdles
  • Middle distance: 400/800
  • Long distance: 1 Mile, 2 Mile. Cross Country: Athletes training toward this can attend meets if/when they arise (middle school: 2-mile, high school: 5k).
  • Field events: Long jump, shot put, discus


Registration fee: $30, must be paid before an athlete can participate in conditioning or tryouts.

Season fee: Final fee for the year will be determined based on budget and communicated during tryouts (fee in the past has been $180-$200). Once a spot on the team is offered, the athlete has 48 hours to accept the spot on the team by paying the fee.

Black singlets to be purchased in the Online Store for $22 once a spot on the team is accepted. Uniform is completed by a pair of entirely black shorts provided by the athlete.

COVID-19 Requirements:

We will follow the applicable requirements for Virginia and the VHSL, as well as those necessary for our permit from Fairfax County for the Westfield High track. See below for details.



FHSAA Track and Field Training Safety Guidelines



General Guidelines & Information



  • Check-in/Screening
  • All staff and athletes in attendance must check-in with manager
  • Hand sanitizer provided at check-in


  • Practice and Competition Guidelines 
  • When not exercising, masks or face coverings should be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Athletes provide their own water bottles, clothing and towels
  • Personal items should be spaced apart
  • Field athletes are encouraged to purchase their own implements
  • Shared equipment will be disinfected between uses 

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Distance workouts for Feb 21-27
by posted 02/20/2021

Key point for this week: Same as last week—getting your body used to a regular rhythm of training and recovery by increasing the number of training days. We’re already pushing hard on the Tue-Thu-Sat practice days to ensure you get quality workouts. These will alternate with easier days. Short runs at moderate pace on Mon-Wed-Fri will work out leg soreness and help ensure you’re prepared for high-quality workouts.

Due to cancellations, the workout schedule is very similar to last week.

Ultimately you should be working your way up to 5-6 workouts per week. Note that for those of you in another sport, one of their practices would be equivalent to a workout.

Other points:

  • Dynamic warm-ups before running and stretching afterwards will improve running form and reduce injuries. So will strength training.
  • Something is better than nothing—if you just have 20 minutes, do a 20-minute run.
  • Hydration: consume plenty of fluids throughout the day. Winter workouts can be deceptive in that you don’t sweat much or feel as thirsty, but the body still needs a large amount of fluids.














20-25 minutes, maintain heart rate of 140-150 per minute

25-35 minutes, maintain heart rate of 140-150 per minute

35-45 minutes, maintain heart rate of 140-150 per minute



5-7 minute warm-up

3x800 at target mile pace plus 10 seconds

3 minute recovery after each

5-7 minute cooldown

5-7 minute warm-up

4x800 at target mile pace plus 10 seconds

3 minute recovery after each

5-7 minute cooldown

5-7 minute warm-up

5x800 at target mile pace plus 10 seconds

2 minute recovery after each

5-7 minute cooldown



Same as Monday


Speed and Aerobic

5 flying 30’s (20-30m acceleration, 30m at maximum sprint, 20-30m deceleration). 4 minutes rest in between.


30-35 minutes, maintain heart rate of 140-150 per minute

5 flying 30’s (20-30m acceleration, 30m at maximum sprint, 20-30m deceleration). 4 minutes rest in between.


35-40 minutes, maintain heart rate of 140-150 per minute

5 flying 30’s (20-30m acceleration, 30m at maximum sprint, 20-30m deceleration). 4 minutes rest in between.


40-50 minutes, maintain heart rate of 140-150 per minute



Same as Monday


Pace and speed

5-7 minute warm-up. One-mile early-season benchmark time trial. 5-7 minute recovery jog.

2x400m, at mile pace. 5-minute cooldown.


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